Aluminum Features

Why You Need Hackney Aluminum Shelving For Your Commercial Van


Hackney shelving packages have been a mainstay in the plumbing, HVAC and general contractors and service markets for decades. Now they are pre-engineered to fit today's popular van models.

Considering vans have less payload capacity than box trucks, all aluminum equals lightweight with driver and passenger packages totaling less than 500 lbs. allowing you to carry more payload.

Market Specific
Opposed to mass market shelving, Hackney’s aluminum shelving targets the plumbing, HVAC, electrical and service markets.  Each package includes top shelf ladder and pipe storage along with options such as wire spool attachments and freon racks.

Flexibility All the Way Around
Hackney shelves are mounted on vertical tracks making them infinitely adjustable.  Packages are available to store large items such as hot water heaters.  Hackney trays and adjustable dividers allow you control how much inventory you store in an organized way.

Buy Direct  with Factory Warranty
Hackney aluminum shelves can be purchased factory direct.  This keeps your costs down and provides you with the satisfaction that Hackney will stand behind our products.

Easy To Install
Want to install it yourself…no problem.  Hackney aluminum shelving is designed with that thought in mind.  Follow our detailed installation manual and do it yourself. 

Ship Thru and Installation Options
Don’t want to install it yourself…we can help.  Hackney has partnered with ship thru and truck equipment dealers to handle installation.  Hackney can also perform factory installation for customers near our facilities.  Talk to your Hackney sales rep or our Aftermarket Department for options and pricing.

Low Maintenance
Hackney’s aluminum shelving unistrut design is extremely durable, but when something needs replaced, Hackney Aftermarket can provide you with the necessary part that can normally be repaired by you without having to go to a third party. 

Need to Go Custom?
So you like Hackney’s aluminum shelving, but you want to make a change or you are in an industry we haven’t reached yet…give us a call.  Our Hackney sales team and engineers will work with you and your company to develop an aluminum package that fits your needs.