Beverage Vehicle Refurbishment

Refurbishment Case Study - Pepsi

Hackney thoroughly inspects each unit to be refurbished inside and out for damages to be repaired to insure the trailer is put back into service to its original specifications.

Reconditioning       Reconditioning

Standards of Hackney Refurbishment
Hackney does not take any short cuts.  Hackney is an OEM manufacturer and has standards it has to meet to place the trailer back to its original durability and aesthetics that represent the distributors product in a professional manner.

  • Change lock handle & lock cylinders
  • Center cases
  • Glad hands
  • All plastic components such as pocket steps and license plate holder
  • Convert lights to LED -  unless  requested otherwise
  • Reseal the roof

Reconditioning       Reconditioning
The corner post and rear lower cover and rear skirt in the wheel house bay were damaged.   The rear lower cover was removed to splice in a section of corner post from the skirt rail down.   The rear skirt panel and the wheel house bay were also replaced. Rear upper cover and lower cover.  The damaged rear vertical steel channelwas replaced to original standards.


Before repainting, each unit goes through a stripping process to remove all the old paint and bring the unit back to bare aluminum.  This process takes approximately 24 hours.   The majority of repair facilities do not strip,but merely sand the paint to scratch the surface. The result is paint on paint build-up.  If paint is applied on top of paint extra weight is added which increases the weight of doors which in turn decreases the life span of a counter balance on doors and the weight capacity. Paint on paint processes will eventually start cracking and makes fading more prevalent.

Reconditioning       Reconditioning

Environmentally Friendly

Hackney's process is unique to this industry in that an environmentally safe stripping chemicals are used.  Hackney is leading the way in environmentally safe processes.

Paint Process

Once the unit is stripped,  the unit  is sanded to assure paint adhesion. The surface is thoroughly cleaned prior to primer and paint.  A two-step primer process is implemented - etching primer for bonding to the aluminum and a second primer for paint adhesion.   The next phase is the base coat of color and then a secondary color as dictated by graphic layouts.  After a 24 hour curing process the graphics may be applied.

Completed Unit

Reconditioning       Reconditioning