ColdSled Features

ColdSled is Commercial Quality, Mobile Transport for Pre-chilled Delivery

We are tackling the demand for pre-chilled transport by releasing the ColdSled commercial cooler. Our Kidron and Hackney brands touch a variety of markets, such as foodservice and beverage, that require temperature control management during daily delivery. The ColdSled is designed to be mobile allowing operators the flexibility to allocate to specific routes that require cold chain transport, while utilizing their current dry body fleet.

The ColdSled is a commercial grade cooler designed to take on the rigors of daily loading and unloading.  It features a durable aluminum structure with 3 inches of foam insulation for maximum thermal efficiency.  Most notably, the ColdSled has a built in pallet that can accept forklifts or pallet jacks allowing it to be mobile and utilized on a variety of truck styles, including box trucks, trailers, step vans, and side loaders. 

ColdSled Advantages

Commercial Grade
Durable, aluminum structure enveloped in high pressure foam with ArmorTuf side panels.

Convert current dry freight fleet into cold chain solution.  Not fixed and tied to the value of the body.

Built in understructure allows for quick and safe maneuverability.

Can be transported and utilized in step van, dry freight body, dry freight trailer, and side load beverage body.

External E-track available to secure to body side walls.  Internal E-track available for heavy product stabilizer.

Optional shelving and racks available to transport a variety of different products.

Temperature Control*
Testing has shown product temperature remained below 45 degrees over an 8-hour delivery window. 

Low Maintenance
Easy to clean interior with drain holes and limited moving parts.

The ColdSled  is a perfect match for pre-chilled keg, beverage, and produce items that require a level of temperature control on typical delivery routes.  Custom sizes are available along with various options including shelving and external e-track for securing to internal body side walls.  

Need to Go Custom?

So you like ColdSled, but you want to make a change or you are in an industry we haven’t reached yet…give us a call.  Our Hackney sales team and engineers will work with you and your company to develop a package that fits your needs. 

*Disclaimer: Please contact a Aftermarket Parts sales rep for temperature control management related to the product you intend to transport.  Temperature control is dependent upon many factors including pre-chilled product temperature before loading, ColdSled pre-chilled temperature, delivery route time, number of door openings, and ambient temperatures.